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January 2, 2011


Why All Companies (Even Startups) Need An SEO Strategy

SEO Tips And Strategy“Most startups don’t know this.”

Most startup founders that I have met do not understand why they need to have an SEO strategy. The startup founders typically believe that the majority of their traffic, now and in the future, will come either from direct traffic or blogs/media websites linking to their website. To these entrepreneurs, traffic from search engines appears to be irrelevant.

Although at first, for most companies the majority of traffic will come from certain blogs/media websites, in the long term the majority of their traffic will come from search engines. If you examine the traffic analytics of successful companies, you will see that in the majority of cases over 50% of their traffic comes from search engines. Considering that startups, particularly recently funded companies, expect to be operating in the upcoming years, it is critical that a company establish an SEO strategy as soon as possible. This is also important because having an SEO strategy should not even take you much time.

I outline the steps you should take to establish an SEO strategy in another SEO article, but two of the most important steps you should take are the following:

1. Include your selected keywords throughout your website

2. Create a company blog. Aim to write on the blog at least once a week. Please keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to call this a “blog”; some companies prefer calling this section “Stories” or “Articles”.

Search engines love blogs because of the continuous stream of content with relevant keywords that a blog provides. Blog’s also provide content that other websites can link to.

Having an SEO strategy is critical to a company’s future success. Realize that this is something that you need to implement, something that will not require much time, and understand that SEO is not a black art. Although unfortunately most startups don’t implement an SEO strategy, you should take advantage of this unwillingness of other startup founders and have an SEO strategy from the start.

  • different SEO strategy is useful every individual for people who is currently running their seo campaign.

  • SEO Can Help You Make Your Website Better- Investing in a competent SEO strategy does not only provide you rankings within search engine result pages. It also helps you to improve the usability of your website and make it better for your visitors. This also helps improve the chances of not only winning new business but also retaining it.

    Your Competitors Are Doing It- If your not investing in SEO its highly likely that your loosing out on new business to your competitors. Its also likely that your competitors are building a considerable lead above you in form of search coverage, and if you do not act soon it may never be possible to catch them.

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