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January 2, 2011


SEO Strategies That They Don’t Want You To know About

Advanced SEO TipsThe following SEO strategy is one that works very well. It is considered more of a “black hat” strategy, however many prominent websites have used this and many consultants believe the strategy is legitimate.

Here is the underlying premise of the strategy:

1. The number of relevant inlinks to your website will be a large determinant of your SEO ranking

2. In order to increase the number of relevant links from other websites, a website can create other websites with SEO keyword friendly URLs.

a. For example,, who is focused on the keywords “Nike Athletic Shoes” and “Adidas Running Shoes”, will build websites for these keywords. The new websites may have the URLs: and

3. The company will then continue to add blog posts to these new websites and will add links from the websites to one another in the articles.

4. As an example, on one article on the Nike website, an article may have a link to the primary company website and another link to the Adidas website.

5. This will not only improve the ranking of the primary company, but if you create a number of other websites and have each link to one another, each will continue to grow in influence over time.

6. Eventually, you could create a cycle and asset that greatly improves the SEO of the primary company

There are companies that frown on this. The justification of companies that implement this strategy is that these outside websites are legitimate because they contain unique content. A company may create a separate website on Nike-shoes but if the content is one of a kind and the reader is not misled, then this strategy is legitimate.

In general if a company does not create unique content I am against this strategy. However, if a company does not mislead readers, and actually provides unique content that is about the subject at hand, I see this as a legitimate strategy. This is a strategy that is widely used across the internet.

If you are looking to implement this strategy there are several things you need to know:

1. The new blogs must contain unique content. It will raise a red flag if you copy any content from around the internet. Understand that this strategy will take time.

2. You should never link to the primary website more than one time per article (for example in an article on, don’t create 2 links to

3. You should never link out more than 3 times in an article (even if the links are to different websites)

4. Create a custom domain for each separate website and have the website be well designed. You should not just use the a WordPress branded domain such as

5. Each article should be at least 200 words

Stay tuned for more SEO strategies that companies do not want you to know about.

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