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4 NYC Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For

Yipit Founder Vinicius Vacanti

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have met many successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. It has come to the point where now, instead of being impressed by entrepreneurs who have accomplished much in their career (for example selling their company for an eight figure sum), I am more interested in meeting entrepreneurs who share certain characteristics. In my opinion, some companies will succeed and others not, but in the long term, it is the entrepreneur with these attributes that will most excel in business and in life. Within the past months 4 NYC entrepreneurs have really impressed me with specific traits they have. Fortunately, each of these entrepreneurs also happen to be personable, approachable, and all are well known throughout the NYC community. I highly recommend introducing yourself to each of them if you run across them at a future event. Read moreRead more


How I am Becoming A Member Of The NYC Tech Community Part #2

Fred Wilson NYC Tech Scene

“The purpose of events isn’t to see how you can be helped, it is to see how you can help others.”

This is the second post focused on how I am becoming a member of the NYC Tech Community (Inspired by Vinicius Vacanti’s post).

To begin, realize that your ability to recruit not only a team, but also investors, will be greatly improved if you are well known in the Tech community. Becoming a member of the NYC Tech Community is not very difficult because in general entrepreneurs tend to be open to meeting new people.

Here are the steps I have taken to introduce myself to the NYC Tech Scene and what I would recommend: Read moreRead more


How I am Becoming A Member Of The NYC Tech Community Part #1

Joining The NYC Tech SceneThis post was inspired by Vinicius Vacanti’s (co-founder of Yipit) blog post: How I became a member of the NYC Tech Community.

The following is a 3 part series on how I am becoming a member of the NYC Tech Community. The posts are divided by the following:

1. Finding the right NYC Tech events to attend
2. How to join the club

Some background: I moved from Silicon Valley to New York City in the beginning of 2010. One of the first Tech events I attended in NYC was Tech Crunch Disrupt. The event was tremendous; I had the opportunity to hear Tim Armstrong (CEO of AOL), Carol Bartz (CEO of Yahoo), and many others speak, and had the chance to meet some great entrepreneurs (Euwyn Poon of Y Combinator, etc.). After the positive experience I realized that I needed to attend more Tech and entrepreneurial events in New York. Read moreRead more

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