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Predicting What’s Next For Facebook

How To Market On Facebook

There is a lot of information online about how companies can promote themselves on Facebook. The information typically revolves around setting up Facebook Pages and using Facebook’s advertising platform.

But what is next? How will companies be marketing themselves on Facebook one year from now?

The answer is search; that is the next frontier with Facebook. Read moreRead more


Secrets To Growing Your Facebook Page

Facebook Page ContestAfter you have created your company Facebook Page, there are two primary ways you can grow your fan base:

  1. Provide Giveaways/Hold Contests
  2. Post interesting and relevant information

This post is going to focus on providing interesting and relevant information to get users to not only join your Facebook Page, but also to share the Facebook Page with their peers. I will outline the steps you should take and will provide an example for each.

At this point, I am writing under the assumption that for your company Facebook Page you have identified your target market and have created a message that your potential fan base would want to hear. If you have not already accomplished this, visit here.

To incentivize your fan base to be continually engaged with your company Facebook Page, provide interesting and relevant information. Here are the strategies that I have used most effectively: Read moreRead more


How To Pay For Effective Advertisements On Facebook

How To Advertise On FacebookFacebook’s advertising platform is quickly becoming a must use for companies. The reason the platform is so effective is because companies are able to target their advertisements better than they ever could in the past. With Facebook’s advertising platform, a company can target their marketing campaign based on an individual’s gender, their interests, where they attended school, and other factors. Prior to Facebook, a company would never have been able to target their campaigns in this manner.

Facebook’s advertisements differ from Google Adwords because as opposed to harvesting intent as Google Adwords does, Facebook’s advertising promotes brand awareness.

There are 2 ways you can advertise on Facebook:

  1. Advertise to a company’s Facebook Page
  2. Advertise to a company’s website Read moreRead more

Part #2 How To Set Up An Effective Facebook Page For Your Company

How To Set Up An Effective Facebook PageThis is the second post in a series on setting up an effective Facebook Page for your company (See Part #1 How To Set Up An Effective Facebook Page.)

Here are some helpful hints for how to set up an effective Facebook Page for your company:

1. Don’t worry about creating fancy landing pages; some companies do this but others do not. Having a user land on your wall when they visit is perfectly fine.
In general, you should make the default wall setting show the company’s posts and user’s posts. Your Facebook page should encourage interaction with fans.

2. In the box beneath the picture, include the URL of your company and make sure to include the http:// so the website hyper-links. Read moreRead more


Part #1: How To Set Up An Effective Company Facebook Page

Marketing Your Facebook PageAlthough you may be looking forward to creating a Facebook Page for your company, before you begin you will need to do the following:

1. Identify who your target market is (the narrower and more refined the market the better)

2. Understand that if you are not a member of this target market, you will need to be able to imagine that you are.

3. Answer the following question: Why would anyone want to listen to your company; why should they care? Put in other words, if you were in their shoes, would you care? Read moreRead more


Why You Need A Facebook Page More Than It Needs You

Facebook Page PictureI am often asked why companies, established ones and startups, should create effective Facebook Pages for their companies. There are a number of answers, and although all of them are applicable, some are more relevant based on the industry that the company is in.

Find out why the number of Facebook Fans can define you:

1. Permission Marketing: There is nothing more valuable to a company than having a customer, or a potential customer, give you permission to contact them. When individuals become fans of your Facebook page, they are giving you permission to communicate with them in the future. Read moreRead more

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