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How I am Becoming A Member Of The NYC Tech Community Part #2

Fred Wilson NYC Tech Scene

“The purpose of events isn’t to see how you can be helped, it is to see how you can help others.”

This is the second post focused on how I am becoming a member of the NYC Tech Community (Inspired by Vinicius Vacanti’s post).

To begin, realize that your ability to recruit not only a team, but also investors, will be greatly improved if you are well known in the Tech community. Becoming a member of the NYC Tech Community is not very difficult because in general entrepreneurs tend to be open to meeting new people.

Here are the steps I have taken to introduce myself to the NYC Tech Scene and what I would recommend: Read moreRead more


How To Build Relationships With Thought Leaders

Connecting With Thought LeadersOne of the most surprising facts I have found is how easy it can be to contact thought leaders on the internet. There are a number of successful business people and bloggers who make themselves very accessible. I remember the first time I emailed a blogger with over 200,000 monthly readers and received an email back the same day. In fact, one week later I was asked if I wanted to guest post.

Tim Ferris has a great article on this, but what I have found to work best is to email with a brief message that includes an introduction and a positive comment and/or a short question. (You should not ask for the opportunity to speak over the phone and the question should be able to be answered quickly.) Understand that these individuals are busy and receive a number of emails. The message you send depends on what you are looking for. Read moreRead more


Debunking The Startup Myth: Finding The Right Team

Startup TeamsEntrepreneurs often hear from Venture Capital firms and angel investors that what matters most is their team. I don’t doubt this to be true at all. However, the question then becomes: What genetic makeup does a team need to be successful?

I believe there are several key components and characteristic that a team must have. These are not requirements, but if I was looking for a team to be successfully here are the characteristics I would look for: Read moreRead more


Why Tim Ferris Succeeds

Tim Ferriss Marketing Tips“Measuring Your Marketing Strategies”

Although Tim Ferriss is often referred to only by his best seller “Four Hour Work Week”, he should be recognized for his true talent: His ability to measure. Unlike many companies that make the mistake of not measuring the results of their strategies, particularly in marketing, Tim makes sure to measure everything so he can accurately determine what is most effective.

As an example, and this perhaps may be a bit extreme, Tim has measured and recorded almost every work-out he has participated in since he was in high school. I’m not saying you should do that, but continue reading:

If you want to have the results Tim has had (I am particularly referring to his success as an author and marketer), you’re going to need to measure and then analyze where you should be spending your time. Read moreRead more


What I Am Doing To Promote This Blog

Blog Marketing Tips“For the first few months these are the strategies I will take.”

I thought I would write a post about what I am going to do to promote this blog. For background information, I began creating posts for this blog approximately one month ago. I am taking a very long term approach with this blog and I see this blog as a personal portfolio of my thoughts (experiences with entrepreneurship, etc.) and as a professional outlet to talk about what I have learned about startup marketing. Unfortunately because of my other companies and projects I don’t have as much time to focus on this blog, but here are the strategies I am planning to take to build the audience of the blog: Read moreRead more


Should You Raise Money From A VC Or High Net Worth Individual?

Venture Capital Fundraising AdviceMost entrepreneurs don’t understand the differences between raising money from a Venture Capital firm or high net worth individuals. Venture Capital firms and individual investors normally look to invest in businesses with differing attributes (For individuals, I am not referring to professional angel investors.)

As an example of these differing attributes, for wealthy individuals, multiple sources of revenue from a company is typically a positive sign. This shows that the business will be able to handle hard times. For a Venture Capital firm, multiple revenue streams in the business model may be a hindrance. First, VC firms are going to be looking for another company to buy the company at a certain point, and it is a lot easier to sell certain types of companies than others. Some types of revenues streams are not appealing to purchasers. Read moreRead more


How I am Becoming A Member Of The NYC Tech Community Part #1

Joining The NYC Tech SceneThis post was inspired by Vinicius Vacanti’s (co-founder of Yipit) blog post: How I became a member of the NYC Tech Community.

The following is a 3 part series on how I am becoming a member of the NYC Tech Community. The posts are divided by the following:

1. Finding the right NYC Tech events to attend
2. How to join the club

Some background: I moved from Silicon Valley to New York City in the beginning of 2010. One of the first Tech events I attended in NYC was Tech Crunch Disrupt. The event was tremendous; I had the opportunity to hear Tim Armstrong (CEO of AOL), Carol Bartz (CEO of Yahoo), and many others speak, and had the chance to meet some great entrepreneurs (Euwyn Poon of Y Combinator, etc.). After the positive experience I realized that I needed to attend more Tech and entrepreneurial events in New York. Read moreRead more


The Outsourcing Phenomena: How To Find, Choose, and Leverage An Outsourced Team

How To Outsource

“If you can’t measure the task, it won’t get done.”

Outsourcing can be defined as the act of sending work to a 3rd party. I have a significant amount of experience outsourcing work and I strongly recommend that entrepreneurs and companies consider outsourcing work that is not a part of a team’s core strength. Outsourcing does not necessarily require you to delegate tasks to India; outsourcing can be as simple as contracting a designer.

This post is going to discuss:

  1. How To Find The Individual/Team
  2. How To Post A Project
  3. Choosing The Right Individual/Team
  4. How To Work With An Outsourced Individual/Team Read moreRead more

Say No To Advertising Based Business Models

Different Types Of Business ModelsWriting this post is hypocritical as I am running a company whose revenue is derived from local business advertising. This title of this article should be: If given the opportunity, chose another business model other than purely advertising based.

There are a number of reasons why I am not particularly encouraging of advertising based business models: Read moreRead more


Lessons Learned From Sequoia Capital

Advice From Sequoia Capital“I’ve used the same structure and I recommend others to do so as well.”

Jim Benton is one of the brightest individuals and entrepreneurs I have had the fortune of meeting. Jim’s background includes selling and building world class sales teams for AT&T, Evite, Ticketmaster, IAC, and Sequoia backed AdBrite.

Over a phone call last year, Jim discussed with me his experiences with AdBrite and his meetings with Sequoia Capital. Read moreRead more

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